Ancra and TOPCAST Announce Partnership Extension — Ancra’s Cargo Loading Systems
Nov 30 2020
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TOPCAST today announced an extended representation agreement with Ancra International LLC on its A320-series Lower Deck Cargo Loading Systems, which serves Airbus operators in China and Asia Pacific region.

In the partnership extension, the new lightweight Ancra A320 / A321 lower deck cargo loading systems are offered. The system can support the transport of (3+4) 2,500 pounds AKH (LD3-45) containers in the A320 aircraft and ten (5+5) 2,500 pounds AKH (LD3-45) containers in the A321 aircraft. Manual and/or powered system options are available to provide more economical options. The system maintains the current type “C” cargo classification.

The new system includes Ancra’s safest DC Brushless Power Drive Units (PDUs), whose drive-stop-hold and reverse functions are the only workable system without having to compromise on with the Unit Load Device (ULD) engagement. The Ancra’s PDUs provide variable speed to reduce wear-and-tear on other Cargo Loading Systems (CLS) hardware by reducing impact forces during loading/unloading. It offers higher reliability compared to other alternating current driven PDUs.

The product is FAA and EASA certified for installation into passenger and converted aircraft.

Ancra International LLC is the industry’s leading supplier of main deck cargo loading system products and takes pride in providing products of high quality and reliability at a competitive price.