TOPCAST Signs Distributor Agreement with SMR Technologies, Inc. to Offer Aircraft De-Icing Systems and Associated Spare Parts
Feb 09 2021
Business Development

TOPCAST announced a new distributor agreement with SMR Technologies, Inc. for the major product line – Ice Shield™. The partnership will reinforce our product portfolio for providing more safe, durable and reliable de-icing products.

Demand for de-icing products is showing strong growth, Ice Shield rubber de-ice boots support over 85 percent of the contemporary general aviation aircraft. All available aircraft parts are strenuously tested in extreme conditions and certified by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Ice Shield PSA custom-designed wing deicers can be quickly and easy to install.

“We are very pleased to establish our partnership with SMR Technologies and further grow our commercial aviation aftermarket support for our customers,” said Steven Pearson, Chief Executive Officer of TOPCAST. “With this new product offering, we enhance our commitment toward adding increased value to the market and we are excited for the future.”

Located in Fenwick, West Virginia, Ice Shield® has over 20 years’ experience specializing in high quality de-icing for general, commuter and military aviation. Today Ice Shield® is available for over 75 aircraft models cover pneumatic wing boot de-icers, propeller electro-thermal boot de-icers, wire harnesses, engine Inlet de-icers, leading edge assemblies for TBM, and self- innovated De-ice hardware and De-ice accessories.

Ice Shield® offers 48-hour delivery guarantee for Ice Shield Standard Wing Boots and 72-hour delivery guarantee for Ice Shield PSA Wing Boots. All Ice Shield parts come backed with a No-Hassle warranty.